Yes tomorrow is February 14th. Also known as Valentine's day. Since a very young age I developed a loathing for this holiday. I was never showered with gifts and rarely (if ever) had a "special somebody" who would go above and beyond at making this day more romantic than any other. However I did find myself reflecting on a few silly things about Valentine's day. I figured I share them with you all. Consider it my small attempt at adoring a holiday that has never been my fave.

-I always loved receiving Valentine's Day gifts from my mom. I'm not sure when they started, or if they were always there, but they definitely meant something to me. Being that we never had much and my mom probably hates this holiday more than I do, it was never outlandish gifts that we were given the morning of Feb 14th. Yet the knowledge that my mom went out of her way to give us something on this day all about expressing love had a great impact on me. Especially since I honestly have received gifts on Valentine's day from only two other individuals in my life. It was nice to know that not everybody passed me up on this silly day.

-The first year after my mom was divorced I felt so horrible that she'd have to sit at work seeing all the other women get flowers from their spouses/partners on V-day. I truly made me so sad to think that she would have to be reminded all day long that she didn't have a spouse/partner, although in reality none is better than what she did have before. I decided I would secretly send her flowers. I was hoping that they'd brighten her day and let her know that I loved her even though I wasn't her spouse. lol I've tried to do this for her every year since then, but um I kind of realized I forgot to do it this year. Sorry mom!! ha The reason I share this story is because it was this moment I realized that maybe I hadn't always told my mom how much she truly means to me. Maybe with flowers every so often I can express that love for her, and make up for some of the crap I put her through as a kid. Just maybe. I also realized that I knew exactly how she felt, to see others get gifts from their loved ones knowing that you probably weren't going to get anything. But that one time someone did give you something, it meant so very much to you.... Maybe there's a lesson there for one of you in that, who knows...

-I made cookies today for my tomorrow's Valentine's day work dessert party. My mom and I have this killer sugar cookie recipe. If it wasn't for the time it takes to make them, I'd probably be making cookies for every holiday no matter how big or small. While making these cookies I stumbled upon the hilarity of this recipe... In the original recipe book my mom had written next to it "half this recipe." The first time I made the cookies I looked at that and thought to myself about how I really needed quite a few cookies so I'd just make the whole recipe. Bad. Idea. I ended up with easily 200+ cookies. I was so sick of seeing Christmas tree shaped sugar cookies. From then on I always made sure to half the recipe. When I moved out my mom provided me with this recipe, but she made sure it was halved for me so I'd never end up waist deep in cookies again. So today as I'm making these cookies I get to the end and realize...I only have like 30 cookies. How is it that this recipe either makes 600 cookies or 30 cookies. There's got to be something wrong with this math. I just know it!

-As I'm getting ready to frost the cookies Dan points out that I shouldn't use red food dye. I inquired as to why he'd say such. He again explained that red food dye tastes bad. Since I have yet to agree with him or any of the other people out there that say red frosting tastes bad I decided I'd still make red/pink frosted hearts. Then I remember that some of my family members don't eat red food dye because of something or another blah blah blah. Anywho I was thinking to myself.... Now how the heck do you make cookies or any Valentine's day treat if you can't use red food dye??? Really?? Hearts don't come in any other color. What do you make/give your kids? White hearts? Really? That is not only quite boring, but it also is highly anatomically incorrect. I know bright crimson red and pink really aren't all that accurate either, but white is WAY off.

I do believe this ends my list of random Valentine's day thoughts. But I'm still concerned for all the children out there who might be given white frosted cookies on Valentine's day. Someone please help me understand this. Also, why does this blasted holiday still exist? It does nothing good for anyone's spirit when they don't get something. If you're in one of those relationships where you might actually embrass your love on February 14th, can't you just....not? Maybe you should do it another random day of the year. Really it'd be great for the rest of the world, promise. You know how there's Scrooge for Christmas? Well I'm that for Valentine's day. Haha Although I would like to say, this post was written with a smile on my face in an attempt at bringing you all a good laugh or chuckle, not for the sake of being a pessimist. I will be providing some of you with cookies on this silly holiday, so I can't be too upset. I do love to bake.
It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. This is partly due to nothing too interesting happening in our lives (at least not anything I'd like to display on a public blog) and me being incredibly busy with school, work, overtime, ferrets, working out and just life in general. I've decided it is time to break this long time of silence and give you all a bit of an update. Why you say? Because really I'd much rather avoid studying for the test that I have on Tuesday. It truly is one of the most boring classes of my entire life. Period.

First, I'd like to announce that we purchased a spiffy new ride for me. We were sort of contemplating buying another car since we don't really live a one car household lifestyle. However we had yet to come up with a plan of action, timeframe, or even an agreement as to what kind of car to get. One day our friends Chad and Heidi posted a classified add for their Chrysler PT Cruiser. We loved the price, we knew it was in great shape, and it met our needs (plus some). I know that I've never been fond of PT Cruisers but this just seemed to fall in our laps just perfectly. We couldn't pass it up. The funny thing is I now adore this car. I love so much about it. *squeal* Her name is Azula, yeah awesome I know. Azula is the princess of the fire nation in Avatar the Last Airbender. She bends blue fire and even electricity which is pretty spiffy if you ask me. Since the Cruiser is sparkly blue and is definitely a girl, Azula just fit perfectly.

Second, we have a completely remodeled shower. It's very nice and I'm so grateful for Dan and his dad for all the work they put into it. It wasn't really planned for but a few things led to another, which led to a total fall out of the old shower and one cannot live without a shower so we kinda had to plunge right into a remodel. We're also very grateful for Dan's parents allowing us to invade their home for a few days while it was being worked on.

Third, I am incredibly grateful for the close friends and family who have been there for us these past few months. I cannot even begin to tell you how every little piece of advice, love, reassurance, and hope helped us especially me. Things have been very hard for a number of reasons and it is amazing to see how many people are willing to rally together for you. I only hope I can return the favor(s) somehow, someday, in some sort of way.

Lastly I'm not going to guarantee that this will be the beginning of me blogging consistently again. Life is just too crazy for that. But I'll definitely try my best.
You know how I recapped my embarrassing moments? Well this one needs to be added to the list. Of course I’m the lucky kind of person who experiences embarrassing moments at work.

I'm sitting at my desk, waiting for a call, and reading a book on my iPhone. I had my head propped up on my arm while looking down at my phone. As always I'm tired and have to fight back the eyelids of mine that weight 200 lbs. I decided that I should probably adjust to sitting straight up while holding my phone up so I can make a conscious effort NOT to fall asleep. You'd think I'd know by now that this is not effective. I fell asleep and dropped my phone. And where did my phone land? On my face!!! The edge of my phone smacked me right in the nose. This did wake me up. I quickly looked around to make sure no one witnessed the event. Pheww! I'm safe. One might think that I only fall asleep at work every once and a while. Unfortunately this is not the case. It pretty much happens on a daily basis. Don’t think that I fall asleep out of boredom or because I’m a bad employee. I REALLY REALLY try not to. It is like a literal fight between me and my eyelids. I rarely win. Of course it gets much worse than just falling asleep at work. I’ve been known to fall asleep mid-sentence, throw things while asleep, and make noises in my sleep. Seriously if someone started filming these moments of mine it'd make quite the youtube video compilation.

I’m really glad my boss and other supervisors are understanding and don’t fire me for my inability to maintain consciousness.
Since we’re in a new ward we naturally were awaiting the time when the bishop pulls you in and gives you a calling. Oh my favorite. I am not a hugely social person, nor do I have lots of time to do things with my neighbors and ward members. I was going through all the positions I could be called for and thinking about which one I’d want the most. I decided that teaching in Relief Society, Young Women’s or Primary would be frightening and challenging. Being in charge of any major social events would also be a challenge for me. I’m never available, so how would I attend these events, let alone organizing them. I found myself really wishing I had learned to play the piano when my mom was teaching me as a child/teen. Really, that is the best calling. All you do is sit and play the music accurately. No talking to people, no outside of church gatherings, and you’re obviously not going to tell people inaccurate church information. But alas, I thought it was impossible to learn the piano and it definitely wasn’t on my list of priorities. Let’s add that to my list of things I know now that I wish I wouldn’t known then. Anywho, I was really hoping I’d get chorister of some kind. I can lead music, sure can! That’s almost as good as playing the piano. Lol Well, that time came. I was pulled into the office with a member of the Bishopric and I was asked to be…..Nursery leader. I almost busted out in laughter. “Me? Wait, do you mean me? Seriously? Is there someone behind me?” I don’t have kids. Therefore I have no experience with children of any age, let alone 2 year olds. Why the heck would they choose me? Dan has a theory that they chose me because one day the bishop came to ask us a question and I had a bag of Goldfish crackers in my lap. He took one from my bag and thanked me for providing him with a snack. I suppose that might be the cause. Or maybe God knows I’d like kids but don’t think we’re ready so he is providing me with a natural baby deterrent. Either way I’m in the nursery now. We typically have about 16 kids.

After my first day in nursery I realized how much I don’t fit in. Lots of kniving toddlers who are putting things in their mouth, coughing on their hands, running around, crying, and sometimes screaming. Yeah like I know what to do about that. I also had no clue what any of the songs were. This ought to be interesting. I think they got the message wrong. Dan was supposed to be called to nursery….not me. We’ll see how this goes!
When I tell people I want to remain in the medical field but don’t want to be a doctor or pharmacist due to the extensive schooling, they often suggest being a paramedic/EMT. Well first off I make more than most EMTs, I’d rather not have a pay cut. Secondly it seems that I am often the one who needs the emergency medical support, thus it would be hard for me to provide it. Lol Here is a list of all my really awesome attempts to land myself in the hospital or at the “pearly gates.” I find the most recent to be the best.

-Ran into a wall (or possibly a table) as an infant and sliced open my eyebrow. I ended up with stitches. Yup, I have a snazzy little scar and some of the blue stitches in my baby book to prove it.

-Falling at the B&G club trying to do gymnastics I was clearly not capable of. Yeah I actually ended up riding in the ambulance for this one. I don’t remember a whole lot about this day. Other than the directors asking me what my mom’s new phone number was, the painful head brace that was digging into my skull, the EMTs telling me that if I moved I’d be paralyzed, and the blazingly bright light in the ambulance directly above my head. Or maybe that bright light was the one they refer to people seeing on their way out? HA! Doubt it.

-Heat stroke at girl’s camp. Yeah long hike, no water, plus hot sun equals a very very sick Taysia. Yeah it was pretty bad and I remember being violently sick from it.

-Then there was the time we were carving pumpkins and I stabbed the knife right through my thumb. It was awful. I probably should’ve gone to the hospital, but I don’t like doctors so nope, I toughed it out. I almost passed out when I changed the bandage on it because of the insane amount of pain.

-Oh and I caught my future in-law’s basement on fire. Dan and I were dating at the time and I asked him where he wanted me to fireproof my boots at. He said to do it in their laundry room since it has a cement floor. I completed one pair of boots and moved onto the second. About half way through I heard something click on, looked up and saw the pilot light of the water heater come on. Of course waterproofing is in a spray can and is flammable. I ended up completely surrounded by fire with my socks and pajama bottoms on fire. I’m also the kind of person who acts like a deer-in-the-headlights when something happens. I ran out into the hall and stood there going “fire, fire, fire” through my sobs.

-Now for the awesome event of last week. I was sitting on a call at work staring at the vent part of my computer tower. Now the inner metal track is covered with lint, and it drives me bonkers. I tried to get it off with my fingers and scissors to no avail. So I busted out a paperclip, straightened it out and stuck it in the vent. Now in my mind I was only going to stick it in far enough to clean off the metal track, not any further. Well apparently my arm didn’t understand or I slipped or something, but the paperclip went all the way in. Suddenly a giant zap flies up my arm and into my chest. I screamed. My arm was painfully numb for at least an hour after that. My co-worker’s husband builds computers and his response to the story was “she is lucky, she could’ve died.” Awesome! Go me! I really wasn’t trying to kill myself, I promise!

Needless to say I am a danger to myself, society, and those around me. Thus it would be a horrid idea for me to try and treat those in traumatic, emergency situations. In fact I might need to hire a personal entourage of medical personal to follow me at all times just because I’m such a hazard. Ha! I bet you all want to hang out with me now, huh?
I can blog from my cell phone!!! It is quite a challenge to type such lengthy posts on a phone but I realized if I type it up as an email, I can send it to my phone. Then I can copy and paste it! I'm so smart!! I'm pretty good with technology and even better at finding loop holes. I seem to be great at such less than honorable tasks. Hence why I'm referred to as "the Jedi master of bull****."

That is all
Yeah I’ve slacked off a bit with the posting. Nothing too super awesome has gone on in the past few weeks. Lets see if I can find the time between all these ridiculous calls at work to give you a brief update.

-I made that Chocolate Delight my friend gave me the recipe for, and it is FANTASTIC. I ended up kind of screwing up which resulted in a burn on my finger and a jacked up crust. However it tastes the same, which is amazing.

-We went totally nuts and destroyed all the awful, overgrown bushes in our yard. It took two runs to the dump to get rid of all the green waste. Which by the way, green waste side of city dump is AWFUL. But now we have all this space in our yard. Yay!!!

-Dan came home from Houston and will remain here for a few weeks. Hopefully we can use this time to work on the house and other stuff.

-I’ve consumed the majority of the aforementioned Chocolate Delight. Muffin top? Why yes I have one, and no running isn’t helping. I do love the running though. I keep telling myself that when I get to like 5 miles a day the caloric intake vs. output will balance out and the weight will just fall off. Oh yeah, that is what we call optimistic friends, and yes it was coming from me.

-Speaking of optimism. I think I went a whole day without thinking any negative thoughts about myself. This might be a day worthy of marking on your calendars to remember for all eternity. It is such a rare occurrence the world is probably spinning in the opposite direction now from such an event.

-We are loving our new ward. There isn’t one kind of family that is more dominant than the others in our ward. We have new families, newly empty nesters, a few “nearly dead,” and anything in between. It is actually quite nice. Our bishop is hilarious, young, used to play video games and has 7 kids. Hopefully he isn’t reading this right now, if he is “Hi Bishop!” I’m actually kind of excited. Although I dread the already pending calling (I am NOT social) and the recently handed out visiting teaching assignments. Do I really have to talk to people? People I don’t know? Have you lost your mind?

-I’m going to attempt to grow a bonsai tree at work. I’m feeling a bit confident in the plant growing category since I rocked the tomatoes and watermelon (please disregard the mention of all my failing attempts at such plants).

-I also realized that telling ANYONE of my attempts to be more positive was a horrid idea. Of course now everyone feels the need to tell me when I’m not being positive. “remember you’re trying to be positive” or “that doesn’t sound very positive” Seriously people no one is perfect ALL the time. I’m gonna have a few bad moments. Not to mention I’m just barely working on this, it will not happen over night. No, it won’t.

-Statistics=Boring Yes, I love math. I’m nerdy like that. I think I just enjoy knowing I’m awesome enough to understand something so complex that a lot of people can’t wrap their head around. How’s that for an ego? Well this Stats class is melting my brain, literally. The teacher is awesome, super hilarious. Thank Heavens because the U is notorious for math professors who can’t speak English. I’m hoping the class will get a bit more challenging. Doing basic algebra for a whole semester might cause me to lose my mind. Although, the easy A is awesome.

I think that is about all. Maybe I'll return with some more.